Submitted Papers 2014



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Saeed Imani

Effectiveness of Mindfulness-Based group Therapy compared with usual treatments on acceptance of internal experiences in opiate-dependents

Silver Award


Saeed Dabagh Ghazvini

The Effectiveness of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for the Treatment of Polysubstance Abuse: A preliminary investigation

Silver Award


Majid Motaghinejad

Protective effects of Curcumin against Methamphetamine induced apoptosis, oxidative stress and inflammation in rat isolated hippocampus by Modulation of UCP2 protein expression

Bronze Award


Arvin Haghighatfard

Gene expression and psychiatric analysis of 50 Iranian methamphetamine addicted individuals

Bronze Award


Sediqa Akbari

Studying the Effectiveness of Group therapy “Cognitive-Behavior” and “Stages of Change” on Craving Heroin addicts in Kabul

Bronze Award


Mohammad Najafi

Comparing Emotion Regulation in Methamphetamine Abusers with and without Risky Behavior


Bronze Award


Tara Rezapour

Feasibility Study of the NECOREMA Cognitive Rehabilitation Package in Methamphetamine User: Case report

The Honored Diploma


Morteza Malmir

Construction and Standardization of the Questionnaire of the Likelihood of Aggression in Individual Addicted to Drug

The Honored Diploma


Neda Nikrah

Effectiveness of Social Problem-Solving Education Program on Increase of Resiliency of The Mothers Have Addicted Offspring

The Honored Diploma


Leila Allahqoli

Women's sexual behavior and illicit drug addiction in Tehran: A Qualitative study

The Honored Diploma


Mohammad Sabzi Khoshnami

Resiliency against Drug Abuse in the Male Offspring of Addicted Fathers: the role of social variables

The Honored Diploma


Meisam Fadaei Kenarsari

Administration of Venlafaxine after Methadone Detoxification Reduces Spontaneous Freezing Withdrawal Behavior in Rats: Positive Correlation with Hyperalgesia

The Honored Diploma


Morteza Mansourian

Design and testing of model in order to prevention of transition to injection in addicted people in Ahvaz, a triangulation study

The Honored Diploma


Sanaz Pashapour

Study of heavy metals content (lead and cadmium) in different cigarette brands in Iran via measurement of these metals in Tobacco and cigarette filters

The Honored Diploma


Leila Azimi

Effects of morphine on PS amplitude changes induced by paired pulse stimulation pattern in rat hippocampal slices

The Honored Diploma


Fatemeh Badri

The Efficacy of acceptance and commitment therapy on reduction of anxiety symptoms in Substance Abuses

The Honored Diploma


Maziyar Jelveh

The Effectiveness of eye movement desensitization and reprocessing on craving in opiate dependents

The Final Candidate


Mehdi Sadegh

Repetitive systemic morphine alters activity-dependent plasticity of schaffer–collateral–CA1 pyramidal cell synapses: Involvement of adenosine A1 receptors and adenosine deaminase

The Final Candidate


Javad Asadolahi

The Efficacy of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Group Therapy in reducing aggression of Addicts treated with Methadone Maintenance

The Final Candidate


Masome Kadkhodi

Effectiveness of therapeutic community for addicts on improving communication skills, problem solving skills, effective approach to preventing relapse

The Final Candidate


Asrin Rahimmi

The Effectiveness of self-differentiation training on Social adjustment of Addicts

The Final Candidate


Mehdi Mirzaei Alavijeh

Prevalence of Marijuana use among Adolescents in Kermanshah County

The Final Candidate


Keyvan Arabi

The effectiveness of music therapy methods and token economy of scale aggression, drug addicts leaving the camps Isfahan

The Final Candidate

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